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Why SEO Video Promotion Should Be A Top Priority For Every Business

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In the past few years Google has given more relevance to YouTube videos within their search results. A straightforward search on Google will lead to a few listings that contain YouTube videos within the top results.

There are a number of ways that you can go about doing this and I Have summarized some of the types of videos that are most commonly used with Search Engine Optimization video promotion.

Choice #1: Explainer Videos

This type of video focuses primarily on explaining a product or service. It can also be in the form of a tutorial. These kinds of videos when done correct can go viral based on the informational content. People search YouTube every single day for tutorials, and it will result in more views and will give your business more visibility if your video has great content,.

Alternative #2: Promotional Videos

You’ll need to ensure that everything that’s mentioned is indeed factual should you be going to create a promotional video. Many videos are flagged that are believed to be commercially deceitful and misleading, so you will want to ensure your video is done in such a way that while being promotional still develops credibility and trust.

Alternative #3: Slideshow Videos

These are the kinds of videos that you simply have to avoid as a result of high level of flagging that happens with these video kinds. A slideshow video typically is accompanied by music in the background and its entire focus is highlighting text with associated images. These videos were really popular initially, but have recently resulted in a high level of flagging due to their low quality content.

Now that you know the three kinds of videos that are normally used in video advertising, you can proceed and start the procedure for discovering your market. That’s the first step you have to take when undertaking a SEO strategy.

Upon selecting your niche and determining your target key words, then you certainly’ll need to complete all the conventional techniques that you simply use in traditional search engine optimization. This means that you simply have to focus on having keywords in your video title, body description, along with having your key word as your video tags. YouTube additionally has the choice for transcription, so you will need to include a transcription with your video that’s optimized for your keyword too.

By following these straightforward SEO video marketing strategies, you will be on your way to a top ranking in Google and YouTube for your chosen key words.

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