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(15) Mistakes Most Business Owners Make With Their Websites

(15) Mistakes Most Business Owners Make With Their Websites
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Can you tell us what the most common mistakes website owners make? Top 15 website faux pas:

A lot of times, it’s as much about what you don’t do as what you do. This can be especially true of your website. There are a ton of crazy problems that can send visitors running away from your site. Let‘s see which if any of these affect you.

  1. No clear objective – According to you’ve got about 4 seconds to convey what your site is all about before they leave.
  2. Your content isn’t scannable – Web visitors read in chunks, and if they can’t scan your page and get it in a few seconds, you’ve probably lost them!
  3. Not being mobile ready – Mobile is no longer an extra, as according to Google half of all online traffic is already mobile.
  4. Not employing video on your site – Videos rule, but whatever you decide to do, avoid autoplaying music no matter what!
  5. No fresh, quality content – No hard to read text, spelling or grammar boo-boos, or overly long pages.
  6. No contact information – You want to ensure your customers can contact you if they need to!
  7. Not collecting emails or newsletter signups – You do plan to be in business for the long haul, right?
  8. Not utilizing Meta tags on your website – Especially the title and description tags. These can help you to get indexed and ranked in the search engines.
  9. No social sharing buttons – Social media is a huge part of search engine optimization now, therefore you want to make your content shareable.
  10. Missing calls-to-action – You want an action from your visitors; ask for it!
  11. No clear site navigation – Don’t use drop down menus, and make certain every page on your website contains a link back to the home page.
  12. Not optimizing images – Ensure you use the ALT and TITLE attributes for any images you post.
  13. Flash – Besides being hard for Google to read, it can be overly annoying to your visitors!
  14. No strategy to measure your progress – Do you have some form of web metrics measuring your stats? If not, you’re flying blind.
  15. “Intro” pages – These are simply a hurdle to your content. You really want to go there? (I’m looking at you, fancy restaurants.)

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