Why InMarket Leads

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Top 10 Reasons WHY InMarket Leads

1. 100% of all Commerce/Sales comes from InMarket prospects
2. Permanent = Ownership and control..plus no bots
3. Portable to 12 ad channels: Multi-channel, Multi-touch and multi-device at FB, Google, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Direct Mail, Outbound calls, Mobile and LinkedIn
4. 100% Sales Match Accountability – which you cannot do with anonymous targeting if the sales is closed offline
5. Not Paying on Usage : Pay well below wholesale versus retail: lowers first click 50-75%
6. Real Time Buying Behavior is a REAL Profile and deserving of your ad spend verse using demographics therefore a WASTE of ad spend
7. Closed Loop Analysis – since we measure our leads results we can constantly fine tune, grade and improve our InMarket Leads
8. Custom Conversion Profile – Custom behavioral profile of your buyers and how they respond to your conversion funnel and message.
9. Alert System – Know who is preparing to buy what you sell in Real time…before your competition…including past customers
10. Done for you services – we can take our leads and do it for you across

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