YourProfitWeb, Inc. - Digital Marketing Strategists Website Visitor Identity Resolution and Site Visitor Match for Businesses Who Want To Increase ROI on Existing Marketing Campaigns

Always Know Who’s On Your Site, Even If They Don’t Opt In

Our Identity Resolution and Site Visitor Match technology gives you full & permanent control over your best prospects and quickest path to profit with true people based targeting, people based marketing and people based advertising.


Site Visitor Match allows you to identify website visitors/resolve the identity (visitor identification) of those people visiting your site and affords you the ability to then take that data to most major ad platforms and not only advertise to them (identity resolution marketing), but also create highly targeted “lookalike” audiences…… opening up an entire new spectrum of highly targeted prospects who are actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell.


With our Identity Resolution Services, we’re able to “match back” your website visitors with the information in our consumer database, we can turn an anonymous prospect/visitor into a real “flesh and blood” lead — a “Demographic of One.”

Site Visitor Match helps you identity the prospects who represent your quickest path to profit.

This is information that you own and control…forever.

This gives you the ability to extend your marketing…to automatically send a postcard to a prospect who’s been on your website, for example. Or reach out via an email.

Site Visitor Match is another tool that you can use to help boost your profits.


When you place our SMART Pixel on your website, we’re able to capture that traffic and match back the identity (via our identity resolution algorithms) of your visitors via our ever evolving identity graph.


It’s no secret, retargeting can provide the highest ROI in your marketing.

But retargeting has a few limitations.

Cookies expire (most in 30 days).

It’s not portable, you can’t take your audience easily to other networks or media platforms.

And you are stuck paying the networks price.

With our new product, your cookie is permanent. Meaning it never expires.

It is portable. You can take it to any major ad network and not advertise to those visitors, but take that information and creating laser targeted “lookalike” audiences that outperform your normal visitors.

(In fact, Gartner Research reports that “campaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels will outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by 300%”. While Google reports that “omni-channel customers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who buy using only one channel”.)

You can pay significantly lower prices for providing your own data and focus your marketing efforts on the prospects who matter most, and produce better results for in less time.

And our favorite part, you can retarget users through email and direct mail.

Imagine being able to retarget website visitors with emails even though they never gave you one?

Imagine being able to send a direct mail piece based off a website visit?

It’s not a fantasy, it’s a reality. All you have to do is install a single line of our code on your website and it starts identifying who your website visitors really are.

From there you get a list of people you can market to in a variety of ways.

How interesting would it be to turn your website visitors into an email and direct mail list?

All this is possible with Identity Resolution and Site Visitor Match……..true people based targeting, people based marketing and people based advertising.

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