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Multiply The Effectiveness Of Your Existing SEO By Up To 7x With SEO INSURANCE

In the world of digital marketing, I’ve been known as the SEO guy for quite sometime, having achieved over 1,000,000 million page one rankings for my clients and even interviewed by the one and only Brian Tracy on his TV program a couple years back.

Andrew Wroblewski with Brian Tracy

Despite all that success, I realized that I cannot just ONLY actively conduct SEO for clients any more……there has to be more.

Why you say?

Let me explain by briefly sharing my story/timeline with you.

I first got my start online conducting SEO for businesses in 1999.

Do you remember those days? It was easy to get ranked and it seemingly happened almost overnight most of the time.

Then, as the search engines (most notably Google) got smarter and increased the complexity of their algorithms, it became harder and harder.

The front page of Google real estate became more clogged up with more and more ads and less and less local listings.

Despite those challenges, we were still successful as an agency for many many years because we knew the value of organic traffic.

It was worth fighting for because organic traffic has always been proven to convert better than paid traffic.

Customers derived from organic search engine traffic typically have a higher lifetime value (versus those gotten from paid traffic) for most businesses.

Because of those reasons and because of the changes the search engines continued to make, it became more and more difficult for businesses to get ranked and grab their share of the “pie”.

Even when we got great rankings for our clients, many times, it wasn’t enough.

Clients would regularly get first page and #1 rankings for great keywords and what would happen?

They (the clients) would sit there proud as could be with #1 or page one rankings and just wait for the flood of traffic to hit anticipating that their website was on the verge of turning into a virtual ATM machine.

Admit it, you’ve been there before.

Then what happened?

Not much, right?

At least, not as much as you anticipated…..not as much as you wanted…..not as much as you needed.

It’s not your fault nor is it really the SEOs fault because nowadays search traffic is being diluted or split up amongst so many different places on those (SERPs) results pages.

There are so many spots on the result pages for people to click on……and at best you only occupy one of those spots.

So the traffic you receive from the search engines is coveted, it’s valuable and getting scarcer.

This is traffic that you’ve paid a hefty price to get and regardless how awesome your website is, no matter how great of a landing page you have, you only convert what?…..

Maybe 1%?

Could be 2%?

At best 3%?

Even then, ~97% of your hard fought for and paid for traffic comes and goes, never to be seen or heard from again.

We realized that to really “win”, clients needed to be able to truly leverage and monetize the 97% of the missed traffic opportunities.

But, what if, what if you could IDENTIFY the vast majority of those visitors, even when THEY HAVEN’T OPTED IN?

Let me say that in a slightly different way: we have the ability to deterministically resolve the identity of those anonymous website visitors.

It’s like having: SEO Insurance.

Would that be of value to you?

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