The Opportunity - Digital Marketing Strategists How Site Visitor Match and Lookalike Audiences Can Increase Your Profits

Increase Your Profits

Advertise To The Needles And Not The Haystacks

Our technology allows you to overcome The “Five Forces” that may be holding your business back from dominating your industry or vertical.

  • Competition of Rivals – everyone has competition and it’s always increasing. Here, you’ll have a powerful “only factor” and an advantage over your competitors.
  • Bargaining Power of Suppliers – many businesses are dependent on one specific type of marketing, say: Google Adwords. Here, if they were to change their policies or terms, thus preventing you from advertising you would just take your data and move to another platform or network.
  • Bargaining Power of Customers – customers have power when there are many supplies. It allows them to shop around and switch from one business to the nest. Here, with true cross platform/network omnipotence, your business will appear to be everywhere and the only logical choice to the consumer.
  • Threat of New Entrants – there seems to be a never ending slew of businesses entering your market all the time… appears that it’s even becoming easier for competition to start up. Here, you have a distinct and exclusive advantage that those new entrants will never have which allows to maintain your position as the dominate player in your industry.
  • Threat of Substitute Products and Services – it’s easy for consumers/buyers to switch from one business’s product/service to that of a competitor. Here, because your message, your voice and your brand is always in front of those prospects who are in market for what it is that you sell, you’ll always be the logical choice for purchase.

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