The Targeting - Digital Marketing Strategists Site Visitor Match and Lookalike Audience Creation

When we’re able to “match back” your website visitors with the information in our consumer database, we can turn an anonymous visitor into a “flesh and blood” lead — a “Demographic of One.”

Site Visitor Match

Site Visitor Match represent prospects who are actively pursuing a purchase and have already identified YOU as one of their options because they have actually visited your website They are prospects who are in your marketing funnel and are your quickest path to profit. And thanks to Identity Resolution, you know exactly who they are.


What Site Visitor Match Does

When we’re able to “match back” your website visitors with the information in our consumer database, we can turn an anonymous visitor into a “flesh and blood” lead — a “Demographic of One.”

This is information that you own and control …forever because it’s not based on outdated technology like expiring cookies

This gives you the ability to extend your marketing…to automatically send a direct mail piece to a prospect who’s been to your website or even drop then an email.

Site Visitor Match is another tool that you can use to increase your profits.


How We Do It

When you place a simple line of code that contains our SMART Pixel technology on your website, it enables us to capture your traffic and match back the identity of those visitors via our massive identity graph.


What Are The Advantages?

With normal “retargeting” you do not “own” the data….it’s owned by the retargeting platform you are utiiizing.

You cannot just take that data and use it somewhere else….but here, since you own the data you can take your audience to any platform or network you want.

Current outdated retargeting is based upon antiquated cookie technology that usually expires within 30 days or so…, the data is permanent, it never expires. This enables you to use the data and market to your prospects forever.

Owning your data allows you to significantly lower your ad costs because you are not paying for usage and you are not “renting” data from the ad platforms or networks, you are using your own wholly owned data for all your marketing initiatives. You have control. You are in control.

You can email and direct mail “retarget” these prospect as well.


Lookalike Matches

What It Is

Platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon and others have the ability to expand your targeting reach by creating “lookalike” audiences — targeting audiences that “look like” a “seed” or a mirror audience. This allows you to expand your reach by providing access to prospects who may not be on your radar, who have not visited your website, but who meet a certain set of criteria common to your website visitors.

What It Does

To create an effective lookalike audience, you need to seed the creation of that audience with the proper characteristics for it to be effective. In other words, in order to create a good lookalike audience, these platforms need to know who that audience should look like. That’s just common sense.

Site Match Visitor lists provided by us are the most accurate “seed” audiences available. Thus, they create the most accurate lookalike audiences, which in turn lead to more relevant ads, higher CTR, lower CPC, and a lower cost per acquisition for your company.

Because Site Match Visitor leads are based on real-time BEHAVIORS (not outdated or inaccurate demographics), not probabilistic data but DETERMINISTIC data, the common threads that the platforms analyze to create the lookalike audience are more accurate and laser-focused.

For example, when Google or Facebook or any of the other ad platforms or networks analyze your Site Match Visitor list, their algorithms will quickly determine the behaviors those prospects are exhibiting, have in common and share (i.e. keyword searches, URL-level navigation, content consumption, etc.).  All of these behaviors center around one thing — they’re in the market for the product or service you or you sell.


Advantages To You

The great thing about the potability of our data for you is that you can take it to any platform you want and since each platform uses their own algorithms, they will each be able to create their own separate lookalike audiences.

Once this is determined, it’s easy for them to provide even more prospects who are exhibiting those same behaviors.

So it’s simple…the better the input (data), the better the output (Laser-Focused Lookalikes).

As you begin to drive more traffic to your site using the lookalikes, we are able to capture more data for you to use to create EVEN MORE different lookalike audiences……a true exponential “iron sharpening iron” ever increasing market for you to grasp.

Just imagine an expanded universe of prospects actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell thanks to the deterministic data provided by us that will enable you to create relevant ads, experience higher CTR, lower CPC, and a lower cost per acquisition.

It’s a beautiful thing.

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