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Increase Profits Using Data-Driven Insights and Decisions

Using our advanced targeting types your company will lower CPC & CPA….thus increasing profits.

Have you ever heard of the “Only Factor“?

The Only Factor is a thing, an advantage that only you have or control.

When you own and control the targeting you use to produce profits, that’s an Only Factor. With an Only Factor, you immediately become more valued and more competitive. You make more money in the form of more clients, better clients, longer retention, and better terms and conditions.

That’s what having a powerful Only Factor does for you.

But with our data you don’t have just one Only Factor.

You have MANY.

And you’ll need them all if you truly want to nor just compete, but dominate your industry or vertical.

Here’s why…

Every company compete against 5 competitive forces for profits:

• Rival Companies
• Threat of Alternate or Substitute Products/Services
• Bargaining power of suppliers (Facebook & Google come to mind)
• Bargaining power of prospects/customers (where every business has a “me too” air to them, cosumers can demand better terms and conditions such as lower prices)
• Threat of New Entries (competitors)

What you need is a strategy or a set of strategies that shields and protects you from those 5 Forces so that you can obtain (and capture) more business and increase your profits. This is what our data does.

We know that this all sounds great. But how does it do that? By understanding where all sales start.

In complex sales, (those in which consumers spend time researching possible solutions before buying), all prospects start the sales process online conducting  research on their problem and looking into possible solutions. Our data allows us to provide with the identity of those people who have visited your website……not just the ones who’ve opted in.

Because we’re able to track the visitors to your website, we’re able to provide you with the prospects that are actively pursuing, in real time, a purchase of what you sell. These are the 3% (the needles, not the haystacks) of any market that represents an opportunity for a profitable sale for you.

What does that mean? That means that you only have to market to those prospects and can eliminate ALL the waste caused by marketing to the other 97%.

As a result, you lower cost per acquisition for your clients and increase their profits.

You can take this a step further…

Thanks to Identity Resolution, these prospects are not anonymous. And remember that they’re also owned and controlled by you. That means that you can market to them on any platform, any device, online or offline, forever. That includes Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bing, Pinterest, DSP Display, Mobile, Direct Mail, Email and Outbound Call.

And because you have these capabilities and not your competitors, it’s a powerful Only Factor.

Our data tells us who the prospects are when they visit you  website thanks to Identity Resolution (we call this Site Visitor ID). And what does that allow you to offer? A level of attribution and sales match accountability that, again, your competitors can’t get anywhere else.

What this means is that you now OWN and CONTROL targeting on a people-based level….. helping you increase profits all along the way.

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